The UCLA Bruins have a rich athletic history, holding the most NCAA titles of any university. Working as a web developer at UCLA Athletics, I set out to design an interactive page for exploring these over 100 titles that accommodates several use cases while remaining intuitive to navigate.

The use cases I identified, in order of priority, are:

  1. Browsing championships in a specific sport
  2. Browsing all championships chronologically
  3. Locating information about a specific championship
  4. Browsing championships in a specific year

In order to accommodate all of these use cases cleanly, I came up with a two-part radio button navigation that offers a year filter and a sport filter. Both filters are initially set to "All Years" and "All Sports," respectively, so that all championships are displayed by default.

Clicking a year filters the list and highlights all sports in which UCLA won a championship that year, and vice versa when clicking a sport. Take a look at the accompanying video for a better visual explanation of how the navigation makes it easy to browse either by year or by sport, or to quickly locate a specific championship.

I built the web page with React because it offers a minimal framework for a small page like this while handling the quick manipulation of hundreds of DOM elements.

Championship data is pulled from a JSON file on Amazon S3 that is updatable by non-technical staff through a Google Sheet using google-sheet-s3, a Google Sheets add-on I wrote.