The Stack

Data journalism and newsroom tech blog

👥 Involvement: editor, website creator

💡 Skills: Jekyll, Sass, web development, data journalism

💻 GitHub: daily-bruin/the-stack

In Spring 2015, the Daily Bruin launched The Stack, a data journalism and newsroom tech blog intended to give developers in Daily Bruin’s Online department a space to create and showcase their own work, experiment with data visualizations, and build newsroom tools.

I became the editor of The Stack in the summer of 2015. I planned and executed a full branding and website redesign in which I migrated the site to a Jekyll-based platform hosted on GitHub Pages and established brand and style guidelines for blog.

Subsequently, I covered funding for USAC (UCLA’s student government) on the blog, among other news events. I currently pitch and assign posts, work with developers to establish strategies for tackling the technical challenges of posts, and guide them in the writing process. In addition, I both review their code and edit their writing to realize clear, significant stories with a data analysis/visualization angle of relevance to the UCLA community.