Sometimes you just need to get a link from one place to another, and the most convenient method of transport is your memory. Links like are short, but they’re very impractical to remember.

Instead of random number-and-letter links, creates fun and memorable URLs like, perfect for remembering, sharing by word of mouth, and typing easily.

Links are automatically generated and short-lived by design; they last between 24 hours and 7 days. This allows to keep reusing really short and memorable URLs without tying fat-walrus to a single URL forever.

The app contains some involved SQL queries like this one to efficiently select random words while maintaining unique adjective-noun combinations for active links.

I originally built in 2014 with a jQuery frontend. In 2024, I significantly refactored the app to simplify the code, improve the API, and update to a modern frontend stack using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.