Should you pick up the phone?

👥 Involvement: creator

💡 Skills: Django, data scraping, unit testing, web development

💻 GitHub: liddiard/istelemarketer

Telemarketers are annoying. Equally annoying is seeing an unknown number appear on your phone and not having the time to determine via web search whether or not the caller was a telemarketer.

istelemarketer introduces the two missing factors in this scenario: speed and decisiveness. Just enter a phone number (it’s automatically formatted as a number – no worrying about dashes or parentheses), and within a second you’ll have an authoritative verdict.

Under the hood, istelemarketer runs a lightweight, database-free Django application that quickly scrapes a handful of caller complaint databases for your number using the Python library BeautifulSoup. If a complaint is found, istelemarketer warns you with a bright red screen and provides links to the pages where complaints were noted.

Since speed is key, there’s no time-consuming page refresh involved; everything is handled through Ajax.